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What can Brown do for you?

Posted on: July 15, 2010 10:11 pm
As the free agents dwindle and the Lakers still need a 3rd PG it looks like we must resign Shannon Brown back to the Lakers team.  I have read alot of posts from my fellow Laker fans that they are willing to let go of Brown to pursue another player.  I say why look when we have a servicable player right under our nose!  Lest we forget Shannon was just a throw in, in the Adam Morrison trade.  Adam has rode the pine for 2 years while Brown has amazed us with his amazing aerobatics and breathtaking speed and dunks.  I know Shannon isn't a defensive gem or a great ball handler, but he's part of our system, he knows our nuances being part of 2 world championships.  Where are we gonna to find that out there in the scraps that are left?  I say we stand behind Brown now and bring him back and let him do what he do....give us highlights.
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